ultrasonic technology

Recigno uses a brand-new, state-of-the-art Sauer Ultrasonic 20 milling machine to manufacture all biorestoration products using 5-axis milling technology, ensuring that your biorestorations have the ultimate fit and precise margins.

the biocertification process

Recigno uses a state-or-the-art XRF (X-Ray Fluorescence) handheld spectrum analyzer to analyze and record the exact meaterial contents of the biorestoration, a complimentary, value-added service with every biorestoration purchase. After scanning, each biorestoration is issued an accompanying biocertificate, no impurities, no guesswork. Just peace of mind that only Recigno Biocertification offers.

Unique CAD/CAM crown made of highly cross linked PMMA. Features high plaque resistance, shock absorbing properties and extreme flexural strength. Ideal for implants.
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Full CAD/CAM design and fabrication for morphology. Excellent esthetics. Strength is 360 Mpa. Increase your patient satisfaction levels with the ultimate esthetics, ultimate fit and ultimate turnaround time that only biocrown ceramic restorations can offer. Features include: wear rate similar to natural enamel; excellent lifelike esthetics and high polishibility for improved patient satisfaction; chameleon effect – blends in with surrounding teeth. Single units anywhere in the mouth.
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Made of solid zirconia with no porcelain overlay. Has a better overall appearance and fit. compared with other solid zirconia crowns on the market due to use of shaded zirconia and precise Ultrasonic 10 milling machines.
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Consists of zirconia core coping with esthetic porcelain buildup over the zirconia coping, Featured Vita Porcelain in standard classical or 3D shades.  Single units anywhere in the mouth.
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Our standard porcelain-fused-to-NP metal crown that comes with the exclusive biocertificate that guarantees you the exact materials contained in your biocrown np finished restoration. Single units anywhere in the mouth.
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Titanium is one of the most biocompatible materials you can place in your patient’s mouth. It has excellent resistance to heat and cold, is lightweight, and promotes healing of the tissue around the restoration. Made by Recigno using our Ultrasonic 20 milling system for precise accurate fits. Now it is also recognized by the ADA as classified between noble and high noble. Single units anywhere in the mouth.
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